Connections: Kidderminster Harriers/Grimsby Town

THE Mariners and Kidderminster have shared some memorable players and managers over the years. Here is a look at those that have had an impact at both Blundell Park and Aggborough.

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PPV Digest: No Way Out 2001

PERHAPS the warning signs for the demise of the Attitude era and WWE’s descent into the befuddled, overbooked mess that was the InVasion angle were there long before we thought they were.

Nowadays you can pretty much predict the biggest card of the year before the Royal Rumble rolls around in January but, apart from the highly-anticipated WWF title clash between Steve Austin and the Rock, you would have no idea from this show that a number of the company’s big hitters would be shoehorned into matches that thankfully delivered on the big stage, nor that the undercard would undergo a bit of a shake-up in the ensuing six weeks.

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PPV Digest: WrestleMania XIX

I HAVE always been of the belief that it is WrestleMania XIX, not WrestleMania XVII that is the WWE’s crowning glory on pay-per-view but it gets overlooked because it perhaps wasn’t as defining as the 2001 event, which brought the Attitude era to a crashing halt in one fell swoop.

But, with a little tinkering here and there, this card could have blown 17 away. In terms of match quality it does but, although the big defining moments stack up on paper against 17 (in my opinion), they often get overlooked because the show tanked as a buyrate, which they strangely blamed on the location – Seattle. Continue reading